Perfomance Services

SSI Motorsports provides the full spectrum of motorsports and high performance services for Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. From ECU flashing to in-house exhaust fabrication to race prep and track support, we’ll take your European auto to the next level.


∙  Custom Exhaust and Rollcage Fabrication

SSI Motorsports is unique, in that we not only do repairs and installations, but also offer custom, in-house fabrication of exhausts and rollcages. When installing new parts on your car, it is crucial that you choose correctly fitting products. With an SSI exhaust you can rest assured knowing your exhaust will have an accurate fit, significant power gains and a pleasing sound quality. If it’s a rollcage you’re interested in, SSI keeps up on series regulations including diameter and wall thickness. Or, if you would like to provide us with a compatible exhaust or rollcage for your vehicle, we’d be happy to install that for you.

∙  Brake & Suspension Services

Any track and performance enthusiast understands the importance of quick stopping and precise handling. It’s one thing to drive in a straight line, and another thing entirely when there are turns involved. Don’t let them slow you down! We offer Pro Speed RS683 & Castrol React SRF Racing brake fluid.

∙  Performance Part Installation

So long as the part you would like installed is compatible with your vehicle, we’ll install it.

∙  ECU Flashing

Through our friends at Tuning Tech FS, SSI offers dyno-proven, custom performance tunes for your German auto. Flashing isn’t a “one size fits all” service, and Tuning Tech software focuses on power gains with optimal drivability personalized for your specific vehicle. Additionally, with the use of cutting-edge software tools, remote programming and data logging is another capability of ours. With just a simple cable, SSI Motorsports can improve your car’s performance anywhere, anytime.

∙  Dyno Services

To accurately measure real useable power and torque at the rear wheels where it counts and to assess changes made to enhance performance, SSI uses their in-ground DynoDynamics Dynamometer. Capable of measuring up to 1000hp at the rear wheels, our machine allows our experts to fully evaluate your car’s performance.



As a Bosch Car Service Center, SSI offers financing on any purchase of $299 or more. Simplify by keeping all your automotive needs on just one card. Click here for more financing information.